Every holiday season, millions of dollars are spent on gift cards as gifts to friends and loved ones. Mostly everyone has at least received a gift card at some point, and nearly everyone has either not spent every amount on that card, or forgotten about it completely. Well now you can turn that unused portion into a charity donation!

The National Retail Federation does surveys on this every year and time and time again, gift cards are the most requested holiday gift. But every single year, at least a billion dollars on these gift cards goes unused.

That wasted money can go to a charity of your choice by using sites like donateyourcard.org


“We started thinking about all of the unused commercial gift cards,” said Daniel Goodman, co-founder of CharityChoice gift cards.

Goodman started a charity in New Jersey for children with special needs, and then in the early 2000s, he branched out, creating the website.

His site isn’t the only one out there tapping into the massive amount of unused money.


highlights programs your money goes to, including those against human trafficking and groups fighting hunger and poverty.

Even if your gift card has a small remaining balance, Goodman explains why it matters.

“We’ve raised close to $100,000,” Goodman said. “You become an ambassador for charitable giving even if you have $2 left on the card.”

These websites do take a small percentage of the money from your card as admin fees, but your charity donation is tax deductible

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Source: https://www.tmj4.com/news/local-news/turn-your-leftover-gift-card-money-into-a-charity-donation