Donating to charity seems to be getting more popular year after year, and there is good reason for it. People still donate through the traditional channels as always, but technology is changing the way that people can give to the causes that they care about, and social media is a major driving factor.

By: CBS News
February 19, 2020

Technology is changing the way people give to causes they care about. With just one click, donating is easier and more accessible than ever before.

Facebook says its users have donated more than $3 billion dollars to various charities through the platform in the last five years.

But it’s not the only online donating platform.

In 2013, Joe Teplow and Jeff Dobrinsky wanted to create a new way for people to donate. They launched “Good Today,” an online newsletter where subscribers pledge a few dollars every month. Each day, “Good Today” shares information about a cause. With a click, users can send 25 cents to one of two organizations tackling the issue. “For example: today we’re featuring ovarian cancer,” says co-founder Teplow, “here’s one charity that’s researching for a cure, here’s one that is supporting families dealing with this.”

“Good Today” now has 7,500 subscribers. They’ve raised more than $400,000 to fight everything from childhood cancer to human trafficking. “We’re all giving a small amount together,” says Teplow, “but we’re having this massive impact.”

That impact is being felt worldwide as the number of people donating this way continues to grow.

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